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Some observations on usage OXYMETHOLONE + TESTOSTERONE

Normally, the next one after another cycles are accompanied by dose increasing. As a result, after a few years, at most of the users the ordinary dose of TESTOSTERONES in cycle is ranged from one to two grams per week. I don’t consider it like something awful, you just need to monitor your condition, accurately reduce aromatization and monitor for aggregate condition of blood. By doing so, you can avoid the most unpleasant side effects.

But, there are some specific moments in taking combining medicine that you should know. Based on what I saw, there is a connection between the effective dose of OXYMETHOLONE from general amount of TESTOSTERONES, that you take in cycle together. If dosage of TESTOSTERONES doesn’t reach some critical level, then taking OXYMETHOLONE is worth it and it will give positive effect that is common for OXYMETHOLONE. If you are taking dose of TESTOSTERONES more than some total critical dose, then all effects from taking OXYMETHOLONE will turn down and you will not feel them.

As I can see, in this case most of the users will blame OXYMETHOLONE (bad quality). I consider that such point of view is wrong. Perhaps, I am saying paradoxal things, but in cycles with TESTOSTERONES there is a possibility that you can’t get the effect you need, even if OXYMETHOLONE will be matched with all qualities, keeping measures and transportation.

Let me explain what I am saying in details: As you may know, one of the major effects in taking OXYMETHOLONE is the increasing of HEMOGLOBIN level in blood. That was the main aim in developing this medicine. So, from pharmacology point of view, by taking OXYMETHOLONE we are trying to stimulate the increasing of HEMOGLOBIN level.

What happens when you take it with TESTOSTERONES ? By itself, any form (or any esters) of TESTOSTERONES, increases the level of HEMOGLOBIN. How can you characterise in this conditions, the introduction of medicine that is having the similar pharmacological effect? In that case the introduction of OXYMETHOLONE in cycle looks like : SYNERGY, that is slowly becomes the COMPETITION.

Why I am saying about the competition of this medicine? There are some indices of HEMOGLOBIN (about 180-200 grams per liter, I suppose), that if you increase them will be uneffective, but at the same time will lead to side effects from the cardiovascular system (problems with blood viscosity for example).

So, the principle of mechanical increasing the dose from medicine that you take, will not work in OXYMETHOLONE + TESTOSTERONE cycle. The HEMOGLOBIN level can not be increased infinitely.

In conclusion:

1. Plan your cycles carefully. Every medicine, that you add in cycle, must be on it’s place, with right dose and in right time. Perhaps in a cycle with a big amount of TESTOSTERONES your OXYMETHOLONE will not work effectively.
2. Don’t start to blame the medicine, the manufacturer, or seller in problems with quality of medicine that you buy. Try to calculate your own steps and medicine choice.
3. If you like megadose, then take in mind your own specification. As we can see , the infinite increase of doses will not always give the boost of effect in cycle.
4. Always look for individual balance for pharmacological support of your cycle. Try to find what medicine, in what combination and in what doses is most effective for you.
5. Try to avoid side effects, that are common for situations, when one or more medicine “are not working” in your cycle. Very often, the reason is in your wrong doings and the desire to get the effect at any cost.


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Date: Friday, 04 November 2016