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It is a well-known fact that nowadays there are medicine on the market with high concentrations, in particular this applies to products containing a mixture of long and short of TESTOSTERONE esters. One of the side effects from such products is POST-INJECTION PAIN (PIP).

How can PIP be avoided?

Let's look at different options: Firstly, you have already purchased a medicine with a high concentration, and after the first injection felt all the painful side effects that are common to such products. Someone simply isn’t affected by it, but others find it difficult. Suppose you are in the second category and for you, the use of this drug is painful. What should your steps be? The first and the most necessary step, you need to isolate PIP, which you have already received. To do this, try ANTI-INFLAMMATORY medication. Usually, such drugs have a secondary effect, the effect of anesthesia. For example, one of the biggest representatives of such drugs are the ones with the NIMESULIDE pharm base (trade names NICE, NIMESULIDE, NIMESAN, NEMULEX, NIMIKA etc.). They provide excellent trait, leveling the effects of PIP. However, to use this method on daily basis is completely wrong, due to the simple fact that you provoke PIP and then try to eliminate it with the help of additional drugs. You should agree this method is not that good. Perhaps it would be more reasonable to avoid PIP. How can you achieve that? Let's consider the option to reduce the concentration of substances that cause PIP directly. What is the source of its occurrence?

As you may know all oil solutions of steroid preparations contain Benzyl Benzoate (BB) in their composition. This component has a dual function: the first and probably the most important function is to prevent crystallization of pharmbase in oil solution. With the help of BB solutions are stabilized, and you can use them quite smoothly even at low temperatures. The second function of BB is the disinfection, prevention of bacterial flora emergence. However, this function is secondary, and we won’t pay much attention to it. The only important thing for us that PIP is present due to BB containing in oil solution you currently administrate. The most rational option to decrease or eliminate PIP is to reduce BB concentration. This could be done by reducing the concentration of all active substances in the oil solution, i.e. you just have to increase its volume with some neutral component.

I will give you one simple example. Suppose you purchased SUPERTEST-450 by SP LABS, which is the combination of four TESTOSTERONE esters with a concentration of 450 MG per 1 ML. If you have hard problems with high BB concentrations, it is possible that this drug will be quite painful for you and you will experience PIP syndrome. In order to avoid or at least reduce this side effect, you can combine in one syringe SUPERTEST-450 in amount of 1 cc and TEST PROPIONATE of low-concentration made by FARMAK with a concentration of 50 MG per 1 ML in 1:1 ratio. A slight addition of a short TESTOSTERONE ester is unlikely to distort your cycle, but, at the same time, will allow you to decrease the concentration of BB in half. Besides, TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE from FARMAK as a carrier does not have organic oil, but contain OLEATE. It is a synthetic component with completely neutral reaction from your body. You absolutely don’t have to worry about any allergic side effects, because oleate in this regard is one of the most reliable and most well-known products for oil solutions. Frankly speaking, other components also can be used to reduce BB concentration. This depends from specifics of steroid drugs manufacture. For example, any oil solutions of such pharmbase as BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE have a very little amount of BB in its composition or does not contain BB at all. In any case this amount will be so low that it will allow you to use BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE oil solutions (in ordinary concentration till 200 MG per 1 ML) as a second component to reduce the concentration of BB in highly concentrated solutions. If you experience PIP often, pay attention to these stacks :

High Concentration Product + TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE FARMAK 1 ML x 50 MG
High Concentration Product + BOLDENONE UNDECYLINATE 1 ML in ordinary concentration

To my mind, the most natural and most reasonable stack is the combination of high concentrated product with TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE FARMAK 1 ML x 50 MG. This product will allow you to correct amount of medicine use in your cycle harmoniously, without excess quantity of another AAS.

Stack with BOLDENONE will be more popular for users, who like to use METHANDIENONE or METHANDRIOL (in injection form) in cycles, given the similarity between the BOLDENONE and this two pharm bases.

I hope these tips will be useful for you. Thanks, your Crazy Doser.

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Date: Friday, 03 August 2018