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Scandalous Hero : MELDONIUM or MILDRONATE.


In what cases should I use Mildronate ?
Mildronate - is a drug developed for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

How does this drug work ?
Meldonium helps the body's cells to deal effectively with the lack of oxygen, as well as to protect them from the destructive action of substances that are formed from long chain fatty acids during ischemia. Due to its unique mechanism, meldonium as a second line is used for the recovery from disease and reduces symptoms of mental and physical stress.

Can Mildronate improve the performance of athlete ?
Recommendation of Mildronate in sports medicine is based on the mechanism of drug effect: meldonium has the ability to restore the efficiency of the organism in case of overload, which is important to the athletes during intense training and competition.

What is the best way to use Mildronate: intramuscularly, intravenously or inside ?
Mildronate is used in various forms, depending on indications. However, keep in mind that Mildronate intramuscularly has irritating effect and can lead to painful sensations and allergic reaction. The injection therefore is designed for intravenous administration.

When should I use Mildronate: in the morning or in the evening ?
There is no specific recommendation that Mildronate should not be used before bedtime. However, due to a possibility of excitement effect, it is recommended to take Mildronate in the first half of the day.

How should I to take Mildronate: before or after meals ?
It is recommended to take Mildronate before meal, but the efficiency will not change, if you take a capsule or syrup after meal.

Is it standardized according to international quality standards ?
Production of all "Grindeks" products, including Mildronate takes place according to generally accepted standards of Good Manufacturing Practice of pharmaceuticals, which guarantee high quality of products. JSC «Grindeks» held regular inspections and audits by regulators around the world, including Russia, Japan and the United States.

Where is the drug manufactured ?
The drug is manufactured on factories in EU: Latvia and Slovakia. As ampoules Mildronate is also made in Russia.


Despite the differences between the modern requirements and standards of clinical research when the drug was developed and the first time it went on sale, we can say that the drug Mildronate has been developed according to the requirements of the time . In the early 90s a group of scientists from Japan conducted complete pre-clinical studies on volunteers, as well research of the pharmacokinetics and safety of meldonium. Further, various clinical research were made on the effectiveness and safety of the second and third phases, which differ in design and studied indications. Most of them were carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation with the participation of leading cardiologists and neurologists. In addition, from 2000 to 2010, it was carried out and successfully completed two international researches (the second and third phase), registered in the European Union register. These studies were conducted according to all the requirements of international standards of clinical practice, as well as the legal requirements of the countries-members of research. Once again the results confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the drug Mildronate. It also shows that each year the consumption (use) of Mildronate drug increases.


Now, let’s talk about the most important and interesting part: the actual usage of Mildronate. As you know this drug is cardio-protector. To my mind, it is one of the best to use in power sports and beyond. Based on my personal experience, I recommend to use it for training purposes, but you should take into consideration the following issues: time and intensity of workout, your personal abilities to recover, and the original state of your heart.

Official medicine recommends:

The daily dose for adults is 500 mg (2 caps.). The full dose is taken fully in the morning or divided into 2 takes.
The course of treatment - 10-14 days.
If necessary, repeat the treatment after 2-3 weeks.
Due to a possible stimulating effect of the drug it is recommended to take Mildronate in the morning.

In my opinion the scheme of Mildronate usage as pharmacological support should look like this:

1. General dosage is divided into two parts. Pre-training and post-training.

2. For the ordinary workout, the pre-training part will be sufficient in a quantity of 1 capsule x 500 mg, 45-60 minutes prior to exercise. Depending on your condition at the end of workout, you can take one capsule of 500 mg.

3. In case of pre-stress, poor health, lack of recovery from previous workout, as well as a combination of intensive training programs and cardio sessions, with duration of 45-60 minutes or more, you can increase the post-training dosage up to 2 capsules x 500mg (up to 1000mg). In case of intense workout which includes heavy weights, or if you are not prepared for cardio sessions, or suffer from overweight, I think it is reasonable to use every part of the total dose within a quantity of 1000mg: pre-training dosage of 1000mg and post-training dosage of 1000mg too.
That 2000mg in total. Keep in mind, I recommend such scheme based on personal experience and my own thoughts. It makes no sense to compare officially registered dosages and dosages that are used in specific, non-medical purposes.

4. Synergism. Stack "Mildronate + Riboxinum".
I would like to say a few words about the most successful, combination of drugs, the Mildronate + Riboxinum combo that increases the endurance during workout and provides cardio protection. The Mildronate dosage remains the same as in paragraph 2, from 1000-2000mg as a pharmacological support. However, during the pre-training part you need to add Riboxinum within a quantity from 4 to 8-10 x 200mg in each tablet. As a matter of fact, the further increase of Riboxinum dosage is not worth it: the increased usage of effects becomes less and less significant, while the risk of allergic reactions becomes higher.
As for me, this stack has shown itself the most effective during prolonged high temperatures (thermal stress and slight dehydration). I am sure that such stack may be useful for the majority of bodybuilders.

5.Some information about side effects.
Usually such schemes of usage and dosage do not give serious side effects. You may stumble upon some of the allergic reactions: redness (hyperemia) of certain parts of the skin, a slight increase in body temperature (up to 37-37,2 degrees Celsius). Usually, such temperature increase is not something extraordinary, and quite often present during courses with a significant ammount of testosterone and without use of such stacks.

Important: make sure to test your individual response to Mildronate, starting with the minimum dose. If you use stacks you should also test Riboxinum. Be reasonable, no need to rush! Remember that our bodies are unique, they can have their own, specific reactions.
Also, I want to say that all recommendations in this article, are based on the athlete's bodyweight in about 100 kg who also has the experience of pharmacological stimulation of at least 1-2 years and more.


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Date: Friday, 07 October 2016